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Post-Judgment Matters

After a Judgment of Divorce or Family Court Order is obtained, the actions of another or life circumstances, make it necessary to file a motion (in Supreme Court) or petition (in Family Court) to enforce or modify your current judgment or order.  Likewise, you may be the responding party to such an application.  Falco & Morton Law, PLLC are experienced in all post-judgment matters and subsequent proceedings in Supreme and Family Court.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation to protect your rights.

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Sometimes it may become necessary to enforce the terms of your Separation and Settlement Agreement or Court Order when the other party refuses or fails to comply with his or her obligations.  At Falco & Morton Law, PLLC, we aggressively pursue post-judgment enforcement and contempt applications.  



In life, circumstances change.  Your current order or agreement may no longer be feasible and may need to be modified to reflect your life-changes.  The attorneys at Falco & Morton Law, PLLC are experienced at negotiating, and when necessary, litigating modifications to your order and/or agreement. 

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